Each jewel « is » a story, from its birth through a drawing to its making and its evocative name, but above all, it reflects the emotions of the one that will decide to wear it.

Belgian creator of Russian origin, which gave her a sense of excess and a passionate temper, Catherine Malvaux has been attracted, since her early age, by the world of jewelry, drawing and painting; she had created several collections of custom jewelry before deciding to design luxury jewelry.

Giving life to a dream and then sharing it…

Her gemology studies gave her access to an expertise that is essential in approaching the magical world of gemstones… sapphires, diamonds, tourmalines; they all seduce her, even if she admits to a secret love for cabochons and their voluptuous fullness.

Mirroring her literary and artistic emotions, Catherine Malvaux’ creations are, first and foremost, a tribute to feminine curves, softness and harmony. Given her passion for ancient roses, she often turns to nature to express the delicacy of shades with an infinite range of gems.

If there are two words that characterize her unique creations, they are grace and excellence: a grace she aspires to through a delicate mix of color gems, diamonds and gold, and excellence guaranteed by the unrivalled mastery of Antwerp craftsmen.

— Catherine Malvaux

« It started as a game and it must remain like one »

– Michelle della Valle