We created a different kind of jewellery

The story behind each creation starts with an encounter, an idea, an emotion, a craving.
The next thing is to bring this emotion to life and to translate it in a very precise way. The luxury of a jewel lies in what it tells, so they say … that is why there is still to tell the story.

Each creation meets several expectations: first, avoid the “too much” or the “show off” effect and aim at unspoken elegance, harmony and poetry, second, to constantly keep in mind that a jewel cannot be isolated from the woman who will wear it. Lastly, privilege a top end service, as well as be available and open…

Focus on Quality

It starts as all fairy tales: there once was… a gemstone: a blue sapphire, a tourmaline with orange pink sparkles, a morganite… White and color diamonds appear and disappear … according to our desires. The choice of a gemstone must not leave anything to chance; its shape, the intensity of its color, everything takes part in setting the scene.

From sketches to drawings, from drawings to mock-ups, the jewel softly comes to life…

« It started as a game and it must remain like one »

– Michelle della Valle